Project Description

Вакансія опублікована: 31.01.2023 р.

Назва вакансії: Чотири розробники програмного забезпечення



Сфера діяльності компанії: IT, комп’ютери, інтернет

Вид зайнятості: Дистанційна робота

Назва компанії / організації: MEDarchiver

Номер телефону: +39 040 3478508

Опис вакансії (вимоги, умови, режим роботи):
Given a situation which is embarrassing for the entire world, it’s difficult to figure out how one can help. The little we can do as a company at MEDarchiver is to offer a job and local support and accommodation in Italy to up to four developers, software engineers, Oracle DBAs, who are eventually leaving Ukraine and need support and a safe place for them and their families. We will do our best to help with papers, travel and other requirements, as long as they have a valid passport to enter the EU. It is also possible to work in our team staying in Ukraine.
We equally respect the prouds that are staying to defend their country as well as those who need or decide to leave. There is very little we can do to help the first, perhaps there’s more we can do for the latter.