Опис вакансії

Назва вакансії: Traineeship 2021: Trainee in Analog Design Group

E-mail: jobs_ukraine@melexis.com

Web-cайт: https://www.melexis.com/en/careers/1736/traineeship-trainee-in-analog-design-group

Сфера діяльності компанії: Виробництво, інженерія, технологія

Вид зайнятості: Студентам

Назва компанії / організації: Melexis

Номер телефону: 380444950786

Опис вакансії (вимоги, умови, режим роботи):
Our recruitment process:
Application-> Interview (August 2021)-> Traineeship at Melexis (as of September 2021). Link to the resume form: goo.gl/1I7UAd

As a trainee in the Analog Design Group at Melexis, you will work with various engineering challenges in Analog schematic design and support our engineers in real projects.

– Cadence Virtuoso IC6 Design environment. Schematic database, test benches & simulations
– Fundamentals of Microelectronics.
– Design of basic functional blocks. Design validation
– Advanced IC design. Design for Test & Reliability

– Opportunities for your professional development and training in electronics
– Innovative, challenging, and appealing projects
– Friendly team of professionals ready to coach and help you to become a real engineer
– Opportunities to collaborate with foreign colleagues
– Flexible schedule in line with your university studies
– Scholarship for all student’s programs